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Sorry…I wasn’t expecting for homework to kill me this much, but I guess this is what happens when it’s the last month of the school semester. So, I’ll get back to everyone when I can. I’m really sorry to bring people’s hopes up - ugh. 

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I ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT FOR THIS SEMESTER, BUT IT’S GOTTEN SO HARD I WANT TO GIVE UP. LMFAO. I mean I have a B in everything, and if I get an A in my exams I’ll have all As, but….. The essays are confusing me - especially for Rhetorical Power. I hate learning about Philosophy for English. I can understand Philosophy in of itself, but English……….


/Attempts to go to student health center.
/Falls asleep on floor.
Urgh, it’s too early for this…..
The fact that I haven’t gone to a Physician for a long time is embarrassing - but on the other hand, the fact that I don’t get sick until I really have to is pretty amazing, right?


Aoi smiled brightly, and felt great that it appeared that Komaeda was happy. She blushed slightly, as she felt so proud of herself when she made someone happy! She didn’t wanna praise herself too much, but she did feel kinda awkward that she did in fact hug Komaeda without his consent, but she shook that fact off. Shifting all her weight, she swayed back and forth slightly while thinking of what to do.


"I got it! Have ya ever made a pillow and blanket fort..? They’re so fun!! I made one in winter with a friend of mine.. and it fell down on the both of us."


"Would ya like to head t’ my place and we can make one of those? It’s so much fun tryin’ t’ make one in the dark, especially.."

Komaeda tilted his head slightly to the side, wondering what she was talking about. “A pillow fort?” He repeated, staring at the sky for a moment as if he didn’t comprehend. “That sounds like a great idea! I’ve never made one myself, but - well, I have been to many unused war forts during my summer breaks!” He replied, quickly in hopes of not disappointing her. 

"Of course, I’d love to help you make one!" He answered earnestly. "Hopefully, I won’t mess things up for you."

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I don’t mean to ignore anyone, I’m just really horrible with asking myself…


Aoi was beginning to wonder if she was overwhelming Komaeda; but she refrained from asking. Pondering about her thoughts, she talked to herself in a hushed tone. The atmosphere was feeling rather awkward to her, and she hoped to lighten that up.


"Well.. we can always grab somethin’ at a dining place. There’s movies, we could go around some shops, head back to my place.." Aoi’s eyelids lowered as she spoke under her breath.


”..I wanna get to become closer to you..”

Komaeda’s personality shifted from utter shyness to overwhelming enthusiasm as the girl emphasized her interest in him. Good luck. It’s all good luck! He thought to himself, there was absolutely no way someone would pose interest in a person with such a poor talent as him! At least, that’s what he thought - well, at least he wasn’t a reserved student that’s for sure.

With a rather wide and curious grin he laced his hands behind his back looking almost a bit too happy. “If it’s alright with you, could you decide? I’m not so sure what I’d like to do with Asahina-san.”

One Meeting [@enoreoshima]



"Help the world, seriously? Even the weak make a difference— when they’re dying!" Junko took a deep breath and said, "Okay, let’s eat first! It’s boring at my room. There’s nothing but fancy wardrobe you wouldn’t wear!"

Komaeda grew only more excited at the mention of him being able to eat with her. With a quick nod, the silver-haired teen smiled brightly. “I see, but I’m sure if Enoshima-san asked me to I would not hesitate to.” He murmured, almost shyly.

"But where would you like to eat?"